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    Regent Solutions, LLC is a Preferred Zendesk Partner

  • Desk to Zendesk Migration

    Don't be fooled by automated solutions. We tried them all.



    Desk will no longer be accessible starting in early 2020. Zendesk provides world class customer support software so you can offer the best to your customers.



    Regent Solutions is the expert in Desk to Zendesk Migrations. We are uniquely positioned to successfully and quickly migrate your data.



    We'll get you setup and running in Zendesk quickly and fully. Add configuration or training help to get your agents up to speed on the new platform quickly.

  • What We Do

    You use Zendesk to improve relationships with your customers.

    We can help you take it to the next level.

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    Is your Zendesk environment meeting your needs?

    We look at your business goals and recommend best practices in processes, configuration options, and integration solutions to best accomplish your objectives.

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    Configure Zendesk to make sense for your organization

    Includes backlog, advice, best practices, and design discussions around on-boarding new groups, departments, interacting with external systems, and minimizing friction through making ideal use of Zendesk features in your support processes.

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    Migrate to a better customer support experience

    Automated migration tools never produce optimal results, but our tools and techniques can help you migrate any other support system into Zendesk while preserving the level of detail required for your business. Tickets, Contacts, and Organizations can be moved from SalesForce, Parature, Freshdesk, Desk, and others.

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    Make Zendesk work with the rest of your business

    Integrate Zendesk with other business systems or into collaboration tools to keep your workforce informed.

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    Custom Application Development

    Customize your Zendesk experience

    We have broad experience building custom web and mobile apps for Zendesk, along with custom tools and integrations to improve insight into customer activities.

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    Help Centers

    Make the Zendesk Help Center your own

    Custom design and development to fit the Help Center to your existing brand, and improve the way your users find support and communicate with your team.

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    Evolving Value

    Evolve Zendesk as your company changes

    Configuration is never a static process. Zendesk automations and workflows must evolve with your growing business. Reports should evolve to reflect new business objectives and metrics, all of which helps turn customer support into an ROI-producing business element.

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    ... and More

    We're always up for a good challenge!

    Whatever your need is with Zendesk, we can help.

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